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Building material

Concrete block Royal tiles and marbles Security door Aluminum and steel.

Green estate Investment scheme

With this investment you can grow your wealth conveniently by 30% annual return

Land/Mortgage Savings Plan

A great avenue for you to own land or a house of your own at any desired location in Nigeria with a flexible arrangement plan.

Site Planning

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Our Services

Building & construction services

We deliver excellent project management service to cover residential and commercial housing related issue. What makes us different is our passion to look out for your interest. We have the necessary expertise and arrangement to make your dream become a reality. Greencity construction will plan your project to identify your needs and key objectives. Once your project is approved by relevant agencies, we will monitor and report back on every stage of the project, ensuring that quality and cost is effectively managed and controlled.

Road construction and engineering services

As contractor to industrial and government parastatals nationwide, we provide a comprehensive engineering and road construction service to serve our client’s needs and purpose.